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Icon Weekly

1 Week, 1 Theme

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Icon Weekly Community about 1 Week, 1 Theme. Join Now :-D
Welcome to Icon Weekly a new icon community in which you can make, for a week, all the icons you want about one theme. Could be a movie, tv shows, actor, actress, music bands, sports, stocks …

This is: 1 Week – 1 Theme from Monday to Sunday.

One theme per week, Monday to Sunday. On Friday we'll open a suggestions entry and you are welcome to comment with yours, we'll choose the most popular. Or we'll open a quick poll, this means that the poll will be open for a few hours, for example two hours, and the winner will be the theme for the next week. Some times We could have frequently hiatus due to our personal life and lack of time, anyway the community will remain open so you can post your icons even if there is no theme.

1. You must be a member of this comm in order to suggest ideas and participate, so you can join here.

2. You are free to post all the icons you want, there is no limit.

3. They must be still icons, animated icons are not allowed because they usually are annoying but if you want to post animated icons you can do it but in a special entry for those icons, you can use the pics you want, brushes, textures, blend images ... give free will to your creativity.

4. You can make as many icons as you want, if you make 5 one day you can post those 5, and if you make 2 another day you can post them as well.

5.You can post tutorials or resources if you want and people are free to follow the tutorial or try. They must be written or made by you.

6. You can post your icons in your LJ or comm and post the link in this comm, but the entry must be open, not friends only. You can put post 1, 2 or 3 preview icons, the other, under a lj-cut.

7. CREDIT: You must give credit if the icon maker requires it.

8. Once per month we could do an Icon Challenge. (Read Icon Challenge rules for more information).

9. And remember you also can put icons about last weeks themes.

10. Have Fun! :-D

If you want to be iconweekly affiliate just drop a comment here and we'll add you as soon as posible.

leeadama_daily, scifivariations, valadanielicons, little_icabot (pc), xhicons (pc), icon_italia, louk_mattdevlin, good_otpicons, ineedicons, johnshepp_itest, drmckay_itest...

PC= Personal Community


You can help us to promote this community, but please upload the button/s to your own server, Thanks :-)

MODS: diek09 & melian_eresseie
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